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August 7, 2008


Triple 8s. Triple the luck triple the fun. As this day marks a very special day on the calendar two events i am aware of would happen this 08-08-08. One is an event i had never gone to before and the other is my comfort zone, a sweet escape i found when i was down and blue but being reborned this time.

I love trance and house music and my hubby is a fanatic too. Not just a fanatic but also  party goer to trance parties. Yes, you got the right thing in mind. Tomorrow will be Big Fish’s God’s Kitchen @ A-Venue in Makati Ave. In as much i am afraid of crowd that i will be going tomorrow, i chose it over my sweet escape. This event is important for my hubby and i will show my support by being with him. This plan of going to big fish was set a month ago and just one more night, it’s the big night @ the big fish. I am anxious because i am not used to go to such parties and such crowd where almost everyone struts their style and fashion and everything else. Hinde kase ako ganun. Ngaun e talagang kinakabahan na ako what could happen tomorrow. I don’t even know what to wear and if what i am thinking to wear is appropriate.   I just hope everything will be fine with my hubs by my side, well, that is to be classified pa, syempre party yuna nd andun lahat ng party friends nya so may possibility talaga that at some points in the event i could be left alone and secluded from the rest. 😦 However, marami nga nagagawa ang pag-ibig sa taong nagmamahal, i will still push through with my hubby tomorrow with the hopes of having a great time together for the first time for a big event.  Here’s the poster for the Big Fish’s God’s Kitchen Worldwide:

First Event Together With Hubby

First Event Together With Hubby

The other event that will be taking place on 08-08-08 will be the launch of Pink Republic Bar formerly known as El Nuevo Boracay 1 found in Tomas Morato. The Pink Republic Bar will be situated in Tomas Morato corner E. Rodriguez Ave., just beside Shell Gas Station. This was my sweet escape before when my previous relationship ended up. I spend nights here drinking and laughing with the performances. After which i gained true and sweet friends here. I would have chosen to go here if it was not 08-08-08 because i had given my word already to my hubby. And my friends just sent the invite to the new bar last monday night after 1.5 months of asking them when will it open. The short notice for me will not work as i will not argue the event with my hubby.  Here’s the Launch poster for PInk Republic Bar, however,  it is dated July 12, 2008. This was the former date that the bar will start operating but was pushed until 08-08-08.

El Nuevo Boracay 1 to Pink Republic Bar

El Nuevo Boracay 1 to Pink Republic Bar

As this day ends, 08-08-08 begins, will i be lucky this day? Will the triple signs of eternity and good luck prove its charm? I dunno. I just wanna be with my hubby.


July 1, 2008

Pink Life

Help! I had a sudden impulse for club/house/trance music and indie films. I have been hearing and dancing many songs from the clubs i have been with my friends. I wanted them on my playlist. The problem is i dunno the titles nor the artists. As for the indie films, i missed all gay-themed movie premieres and play dates. I have some titles but i also don’t know where to get them. And as i blog, i also felt the urge of finding literature for the pink republicans. Hhmm any suggestions?

I have listed the songs i currently have on my playlist and the independent movie titles i would want to have a DVD copy, or at least a VCD copy. For books or any literature, just leave you suggestion 😛


1. Deborah Cox – Absolutely Not

2. Rihanna – Please Don’t Stop the Music

3. Get far – Shining Star

4. Royal Gigolos – California Dreamin

5. Kat De Luna – Whine Up

6. Frederico Franchi – Cream

7. Beyonce – One Night Only Remix

8. Benny Benassi – Satisfaction

9. Hed Kandi – Man  in the Mirror

10. Bob Sinclair – Love Generation

Independent  Movies:

1. Troika

2. Roxxxanne

3. Serbis

4. Bath House

5. Duda

6. Ang Lihim ni Antonio

7. Lalake sa Parola

8. Masahista

9. Hubad

10. Twilight Dancers

11. Pantasya

12. Day Break

13. Sikil

14. Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Olivero

15. Masahista.

Help naman sa other titles ng songs heard in Bed, Government, Palawan 2 and Boracay 1 o… tapos kung san makakakuha ng kopya nung mga DVDs ng independent films. Biggy Thanks! 🙂

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