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July 31, 2008

Arriba Letran!!!

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No. I am not from Letran. I just love the Letran Knights. 🙂 Well, not only because my hubby is a Letranite but because it was also my supposed to be school for college seven years ago.

After not being able to reach the quota courses for UP Dil and Manila and not knowing my future GWA from the UPCAT could be used to get in to other courses, I took two more College Entrance Examinations. UST and Letran. With doubts of not continuing my maternal family trend of getting in and graduating as a Thomasian, i took exams as well in Letran as my backfall. Yes, they are sister schools as others say. If you wondered if i took exams in La Salle or ADMU, i think if i remember correctly i applied for a scholarship in ADMU but i can’t really recall if i passed or not. Maybe not, because if i passed i could have easily remembered it. Anyway, when the USTET results were realeased, i passed for the courses i took and other courses too except for those that would require skill exams. I was torn back then between Letran and UST. Of course my mother insisted to go to UST which is just blocks away from home instead of Letran that requires a little bit of effort to get in the campus.  And so i become a Thomasian. My Letranite side has been forgotten in the past. When my hubby came into my life, he brought back the possibility of becoming a Letran Knight. My hubby was my knight in shining armor that tamed me as a growling tiger. It was also the first talk we had on the on set of our dating and our relationship. The Letran-UST talk paved a way to get to know each other better, meet up, date, and fall in love again and again everyday.

We watched the game together yesterday in Cuneta Astrodome, we were seen several times in video footage of ABS CBN sports channel 23 everytime the Letran crowd gets wild.  I thought by sitting on ring side would spare us from being seen in TV, but no, we were sitted beside hard core fans who does unbelievable yet amusing things that is why the video is always directed to our seats.

Letran had a bad day at shooting, it was not their normal game, it was in the fourth quarter that Letran got their groove back but too late to transcend San Beda Red Lions’ score.  Anyhow, Letran lose gracefully with their pride intact. 6-1 is their present NCAA Season 84 standing still leading the schools for the first round of eliminations. Me and my hubby would definitely watch the 2nd round of eliminations we believe that our knights could win the game next time.  I enjoyed the school spirit of Letran, their trash talks and their cheers. Kudos and Arriba Letran!!!

Attached here is the video of the half time cheer of Letran:

Even though we lost, me and my hubby continued our day together somewhere to chill and enjoy each other’s company. 🙂 For now, i am still cheering for them, Arriba Letran!!!


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