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August 20, 2008

Falling Hair???

Filed under: Desperately seeking answers — khentutz @ 10:15 am

For the Nth time, as i hurriedly walked to the washroom of our office floor, i saw pubes on the urinal. There was never a time that i didn’t see a pube on the urinal. So i tried to observe more. I tried using different urinals at different times of the day, to my luck, there are still pubes.

You may ask, it might be coming from me. Answer is NO. Before i take a leak, i always look down on the urinal checking it’s cleanliness, and low and behold, pubes everywhere. EEWWWWWW.

So for the last few weeks i let go of this thought. But as i took a leak today, there it was lying once again on the urinal a long threaded pube. The moment i finshed peeing, i looked at all the urinals, yes! good guess, pubes everywhere. I began to think, is it normal for pubes to fall when someone is peeing???

I asked my straight male friends in the office and they all told me that their pubes does not fall either. I know it’s hygiene to shave or trim one’s pube but to do it in a public place? geez. I even looked it up in google but to no avail i had no answer. Does your pube fall off when leaking???


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