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July 9, 2008

Alaminos – Bolinao, Pangasinan & Candelaria, Zambales

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white beach in bolinao, pangasinan

white beach in bolinao, pangasinan

Wala lang. I just loved my photo. hehehe See my multiply account for more photos. E2 kce favorite ko.

Update ko ung post ko na to later, lagay ko ung nakakahiya ko video. hehe


July 1, 2008

Pink Life

Help! I had a sudden impulse for club/house/trance music and indie films. I have been hearing and dancing many songs from the clubs i have been with my friends. I wanted them on my playlist. The problem is i dunno the titles nor the artists. As for the indie films, i missed all gay-themed movie premieres and play dates. I have some titles but i also don’t know where to get them. And as i blog, i also felt the urge of finding literature for the pink republicans. Hhmm any suggestions?

I have listed the songs i currently have on my playlist and the independent movie titles i would want to have a DVD copy, or at least a VCD copy. For books or any literature, just leave you suggestion šŸ˜›


1. Deborah Cox – Absolutely Not

2. Rihanna – Please Don’t Stop the Music

3. Get far – Shining Star

4. Royal Gigolos – California Dreamin

5. Kat De Luna – Whine Up

6. Frederico Franchi – Cream

7. Beyonce – One Night Only Remix

8. Benny Benassi – Satisfaction

9. Hed Kandi – ManĀ  in the Mirror

10. Bob Sinclair – Love Generation

IndependentĀ  Movies:

1. Troika

2. Roxxxanne

3. Serbis

4. Bath House

5. Duda

6. Ang Lihim ni Antonio

7. Lalake sa Parola

8. Masahista

9. Hubad

10. Twilight Dancers

11. Pantasya

12. Day Break

13. Sikil

14. Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Olivero

15. Masahista.

Help naman sa other titles ng songs heard in Bed, Government, Palawan 2 and Boracay 1 o… tapos kung san makakakuha ng kopya nung mga DVDs ng independent films. Biggy Thanks! šŸ™‚

June 25, 2008


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So far after my busy season, I only have 4 confirmed trips to enjoy my low workload season. I wanted to travel and have fun, do you have any ideas of good places to visit and activities to do? So far here are my confirmed trips.

June 28 – Morning Tagaytay Road Trip (Can’t be overnight, white party by gimik night, though i am not sure if i’m going)

July4-6 – Pangasinan / Hundred Islands / Subic Get Away

Oct1-6 Cebu-Bohol Trip

Sometime last week of October or early weeks in Nov. – Singapore Trip.

Suggestions are welcome. I need ideas. šŸ˜›

June 24, 2008

One Night Only

LSS fever. I was singing this song since the storm/typhoon Frank hit Manila. One night only, one night only. Although i am not sure of what am i asking for this one night. Maybe, one night of a wholesome date, one night of swimming, one night of DVD marathon, or one night of intimacy. I dunno. And so I searched for the lyrics of the song as it might help me figure out why do i sing this song over and over again.

I got this one

You want all my love and my devotion
You want my loving soul right on the line
I had no doubt that I could love you forever
The only trouble is I really don’t have the time

I’ve got one night only
One night only
That’s all I have to spare
One night only
Let’s not pretend you care

Then i laughed. During my LSS all i can sing is one night only, one night only and now i sang the whole song. I think i had this song on my mind over and over again because i can love a personĀ i choose to loveĀ but i don’t have the time as of the moment and all i can offer is just one night. Hmm. I had several names in my headĀ but iĀ can’t seem to figure out who he is. Am i this insensitive nowadays??? SomeoneĀ likes me but i am clueless and just offersĀ one night of my life???Ā Sino kaya sya… Baka ikaw yun. Hehe. Kung ikaw man, send me a message. šŸ˜›Ā Or may be i am convincing myself that i am not falling in love and just wants a one night stand. Hmmm.

June 23, 2008

Falling In Love The Wrong Way.. edited last part.

After DM and I parted ways, I found myself lost in space and back to my parallel universe. At first, i just wanted to be a drunkard and escape the reality that i was rejected. Okay, i cried. A lot. Then tons of beers and cocktails. Then i started to get out. I thought i retired from the gimik scene but NO, i was into it now. Before, i usually go gimik with straight ones, but now, as i have embraced my sexuality to its fullest extent, i was able to overcome my fear of going into PLU gimik scene. The sweet escape i found was El Nuevo Boracay1 in Tomas Morato (Closed for the whole month of June, in the process of relocating to E. Rodriguez near Fahrenheit).

I’ve met a lot of nice guys/PLUs in the gimik scene, i dated a couple of them for quite sometime and even had a short time relationship with a chinese guy who believes he has a strong personality and gets what he wants all the time. He rushed that i make a commitment with him after 6-7 times of wholesome dating, when i finally said ok, let’s try it out, he then suddenly become cold and asked for a break up. Wheew.

Anyway, I wasn’t that bothered since i just dated him for a couple of times and the relationship is not yet heavily founded. But thanks to him that i realized, i am not in love with the person but with the thought of falling in love and having a partner for life.Ā  Sometimes, i get confused if i love the person or just the thought of having a partner. Maybe that could be a reason why relationships doesn’t work. People get blinded by love, not knowing that they do not really love the person but just the thought of having a relationship, they may be good friends but not as lovers.

As for me, someone is making his comeback, but i dunno yet if love would be sweeter the second time around, i am still dating others (i mean i am open to date invites) and would want to understand more about myself and love. Oh well, as they say, it is better to love and get hurt than not to love at all šŸ˜›

Hhmm, i suddenly remembered, where was i last year of the same date? šŸ™‚ A smiled emerged from me and started to sing a love song. Keep bleeding love… šŸ™‚

June 16, 2008

Hoping to Come Back

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The title says it all. I missed blogging. Looking back at my last posts before i disappeared, many relevant stories were not included. And as i try to make my come back, here are questions i would want to find answers soon.

Are Spa’s really a place to hook up and not a place to relax?

Due to stress and my curiosity, i tried several Spas and Bath houses, both straight and specialized ones, to try out what happens there and to divert from my usual lazy option to have home service massage. Out of all the massage therapists who gave me a massage, only two are worth commendable for the massage (The pressure and strokes are good enough and is very relaxing). The other therapistsĀ can give you a so-so massage and an offer to a fast-way ticket to heaven not to mention the price to pay for using the passing lane to temporary happpiness. As for the trip to heaven, i suggest you to use your on discretion and proceed at your own risk. When iĀ  tried the spas, i thought the extra thing wouldn’t be offered. Well, it’s a half truth, in straight spas, extra service is not offered but is prevalent inside the wet area, especially on the farthest shower corners, side corners of the sauna room, and somewhere beneath jaccuzi. It starts with a glance, the the 2nd look, the smile, the nod and then either you talk, touch or turned down. So the extra service does not happen in the spa/massage room but in the wet area where everyone is naked. However, on gay scene bath house/spas, the moment you get in, tons of cuties are lookign at you and a manager welcomes you and would ask your preference of massage and your choice of therapist. I once got victimized by my ignorance, that i chose a body scrub with Turkish Bath, (not knowing what it is) and subconsciously the unthinkable (save your comments, i don’t want to hear it) happened šŸ˜› What i am saying is that on the gay scene, massage is not the real service offered but rather used as a cocealment of hooking up. Do we really need to have sex to feel relaxed?Ā I go to massage spas to have my stressed muscles a breather and relaxed. I all i need is hook up to feel relaxed, i should have not gone to the spa nor asked someone i don’t know to come over the house and avail of massage and extra services in one blow. The internet is a cheaper means of hooking up. Maybe because this is the trend, to be discreet and be model like to everyone, so when the time comes when others ask what you did, you could the massage as an escape goat for hooking up. Hmm. What do you think? are Spa’s really a place to hook up? i beagn to think SPA = Sexual Pleasure Area.

That’s it for now, see you around. I’m off home.

March 13, 2008

Season’s Greetings

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Over the past few weeks, my work load increased and increased. This has been a normal trend since we our akin to proxy season.Ā Just like in my previous proxy seasons, i am always caught off guard. The small spike of meetings came in finally last mondayĀ that will runĀ until the late weeks of June 2008. I wasn’t able to post something that would inform my blog friends that i am about to be extremely busy once again. No summer time, very few good night’s sleep and almost no weekends. On the brighter side, it is the time once again to file OVERTIME pay!!! Yipee! Though i’m not that exhilirated about the season, because greater work pay means more taxes and no pay for the intangible sacrifice of time just to deliver my daily responsibilities.Ā  In that sense, i am greeting all of you my season’s greeting. I will be busy and will have a little time to rest and blog. I’ll do what i can just to blog and visit your blogs. Till next time po. šŸ™‚

And as for DM, the road isn’t that smooth right now but as Mariah Carrey sings, that though hope is frail it’s hard to kill. BelieveĀ that everything will fall into place.Ā For now, work, work work, money, money, moneyĀ 

February 26, 2008


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Anyone who knows a two-bedroom apartment that has a parking space anywhere in Makati or Manila Area? Help.

February 22, 2008

Long Weekend

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This 2008, this might be my first and last long weekend save if Pres. Arroyo is stillour president by December then I’ll be able to enjoy the Dec.25-Jan.1 vacation too. The volume of workload has not yet reached its peak yet but gradually i can feel the pressure and stress of the proxy season that will last for four months.

Ā In as much as i wanted to enjoy this long weekend, i can’t. My bread is not enough, hehe. Thanks to the bonus payout being delayed for a week and spoiled my plan to go out somewhere and take a break. Oh well. I have to enjoy this long weekend no matter what. Too bad, i can’t be with DM as he is in Cagayan Valley until next week šŸ˜¦ I can’t go out with friends because i can’t afford to break my piggy bank at this time. šŸ˜¦

I guess, this long weekend will literally be a long weekend. Long enough for me to just play PSP, watch DVD, read some books, catch some sleep,Ā and miss DM.Ā I just hope there will be another long weekend not Ā too far so i can enjoy a good rest and vacation hopefully with DM. Well if you just wanna join my bum weekend do send me a text message you might be lucky enough for me to be eager to reply. Hehehe.

Ā I miss DM. DM i miss you. I just remembered something special about DM that makes me smile. I guess this will help me get through my long weekend.

February 19, 2008

Those were the Days

Looking back on my past and blogging year i had a bunch of emotions and questions on my posts. Admittedly, it was almost about DM and few other persons who have been dear and somewhat special to me. My blogging days stopped the moment a period has been written on my DM blogs. Actually, it is not a period, it was more of an ellipsis(…) the two other periods was just far away from the first one. And from the truestĀ definition of an ellipsis, it denotes that there is more to come. True enough, the story of our friendship went on. New discoveries and insights about each other came out almost everyday. Affirmation and approval came out in a most unexpected circumstance, and from that i was more eager to do whatever it takes to preserve and prolong the bond we shared.

Ā Our arguments, episodes of drama, and away-bati moments reached its peak. Confrontation and compromised happened. Then we are in good terms again. Soon after the good days, comes our episode again. New topic, new disagreement. With my hopes still alive, we are still doing our best to keep in touch and patch things up. The kilig moments still come but not as frequent as before. Ahhh, those were the days. But being in a social relationship, i am never assured that things will change as planned and as i hoped for. I learned from our past grammy-award winning episodes and i’m religiously doing my best not to do the same old mistakes that almost resulted to a loss of friendship, relationship and companionship.

Those maybe the days of havig too much fun and all, but things and persons change and i should be able to adapt to it and hold on to what i love. You may not be as vocal and expressive on your feelings but your actions and lifestyle lets me know of how much you value the things we share and you too, are willing to adapt to our changing worlds. Thank you for sticking with me and for the things you are doing despite of my knowledge and for subconsciously letting me know that i am very special to you. The period sometime ago opened a new and deeper relationship with you instead of putting our story to an end.

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