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July 6, 2009

New Home

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After almost living in our family house in Manila for 25 years, i will finally move out. To where? I am still searching.

I am looking for a room for rent or a cheap apartment either in Manila or Makati. Any help is highly appreciated. 🙂

Buzz me.


December 19, 2008

Season’s Greetings!

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It’s the time of the year to greet my loved ones and friends a heart felt greeting this holidays.

I may have been silent and lazy to blog, but the friends I got here are dear to me still. Hopefully, when 2009 starts, my will to blog would be revived. 🙂

For now, I just want to wish you, your family and friends a Merry Christmas and a Bountiful New Year.

It’s not with the gifts nor the expenses, but the joy brought about by love, friendship and family  that is worth celebrating! 🙂 Cherish the people dear to you always, as you may not know until when they will still be there 😛

For those I haven’t met  personally, darating din tayo dyan! 🙂

Happy Holidays! 🙂

February 26, 2008


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Anyone who knows a two-bedroom apartment that has a parking space anywhere in Makati or Manila Area? Help.

January 16, 2008

Food Stop # 3: Sinbad (San Agustin Street, Makati)

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After several months of stopping our food stops, we finally got the chance to continue the food tasting and food hunting trip. This food stop is not that far from the office and can be visited on normal circumstances, but i wouldn’t dare to, the prices are a bit high for Mediterranean food. I would still vote for Mr. Kebab in West Ave corner Quezon Ave in QC. Hmm yum yum. What added to the fun were the new food trip friends who finally decided to eat out with us. Welcome guys!

I ordered Sinbad’s specialty, beef kebab. The meat was tender and juicy enough but nothing spectacular about it. The sauce was relatively just the same as other persian restaurants but i guess i expected so much and used the cheap and satisfying Mr. Kebab combo of kebab and yogurt shake as the rule.

It wasn’t too bad though, i was full and would come back if i had extra bucks on my pockets. I am now wordless, it’s not the best kebab food stop for me i suppose. I attached a copy nung sinbad.

December 18, 2007

Home Sweet Home

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I’m back in manila but busy with work and love life. I have yet to catch up with my responsibilities. My plane landed 2255 H last Wednesday but got out of the Ninoy Aquino Airport by 1230 AM. Then there was DM and the rest was history…

 As i got back to the office by dec 17, i had tons of stuff to do. So, i’ll keep up with my blog as soon as i have the luxury of time. See you around.

November 27, 2007

First Day High Rockville Style

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It’s my first day in our US office. I got the chance to finally meet my counterparts and found some interesting guys there. Haha, as i watched the news, 80 percent of young adults near washington has HIV and 1 out of ten of these adults are AIDS positive. Scary

 well inde naman yun ung ipinupunta ko dito, hinde pala lahat ng nakatira dito sa estados unidos e maganda buhay. 1 dollar nga e naka credit card pa. ung iba nagbabawas ng items sa harap ng cashier. hay. dmi p ako kwento pero next tym muna, antok na ako e. 12 am na dito pasok pa ako ulit bukas. try ko mag magpost.

October 26, 2007

FoodStop 2: Amici de Don Bosco

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After reading tons of great blog reviews of this restaurant, i have my verdict of my own. The food was ok, as in so-so ok, but there was nothing spectacular. This food stop is among the series of food trips with my colleagues and friends here in the office. Next stop would be Mongolian food. The pasta i ordered was bland tasting, the four cheese pizza passed our taste buds and the only food that gave us smiles were the gelatos (ice cream). yum yum. However, we got a bit sad because we ordered the same food amongst the 12 of us. The food diversity goal of our food tripping was not achieved. Sigh 😦

The history of this restaurant goes back to the bosconian priests cooking the food they serve, but now it has been turnover to non-secular persons (civilians) who i think was not trained properly because the taste of the food was not that great compared to former reviews of the food there. The location is not that far from makati CBD, parking is one to a million chances, and i wouldn’t be back there.

I’m looking forward to the next stop of ours, mongolian food, make your own bowl and is unlimited. For more pictures see my multiply site:) that’s it for now.

October 19, 2007

Glorietta Bombing Incident

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After a stomach-filling lunch with my closest peer in the office, my corporate mail received several links regarding the bombing incident that happened at the time i was enjoying my smoke after a good lunch. I read the updates and followed news about the incident. I was then bombarded by text messages and calls by people who cared and made me feel i was loved and important to them. But what made me smile inspite the bombing incident was the first person who asked on my whereabouts and to keep safe. It was DM. However, he is in topak mode. OK na un, at least naalala nya ako when something bad happened around me. too bad, he feels sick right now.

I can’t believe even if i saw a lot of photos, that the mall i used to hang out and have been a witness to my precious times with a lot of special people was bombed. Most people say that even with a heightened security, times get rough and worst just like this incident happens. Four have died, two are critical and more than 40 persons injured. Is this another episode of terrorism, security and political turmoil because of the upcoming village council elections, or is it martial law again?

I guess, i’ll refrain from going to malls for the mean time. I have to talk to DM muna.

June 17, 2007

Father’s Day

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In one way or another, most PLUs attribute partly or wholly their transformation to a not-straight sexual orientation. Some had a bad experience such as being physically attacked when they were young, some got departed, some we’re ignored as they grew, some we’re forced to art school and sorts.

Only few may have their perfect fathers in their lives. But having a father is enough for me, he may have not given me all i need when i was growing but he gave me the best set of values, principles and most importantly my education. I have known some people who are distant and aloof with their fathers, some are even angered by the thought of having them in their lives but hey, if not for our father’s we may have not experienced life and its craziness.

My father worked abroad when i was three turning to four years old, he came back when i was twelve. The longing of a fatherly image and attention explains how i manage my life today and how i long for someone. Though he was able to fill the times that was missed, the stigma as a child longing for a fatherly love remained in me. When he was back from abroad, it became vivid that i love the same kind.

My point is, im just glad my father gave life to me and he was my father, not anyone else, this is for you dad, for your hardships, sacrifices and the efforts you did for the betterment of our family. May you live longer and enjoy life.

I’ll expound on this blog soon, i’m just tired from work. Actually i’m still at work. Sunday, 10pm.

I dread that someone expressed his intentions to know me better but he never followed up with his actions. You know who you are. Well i guess that’s life. See you around.

March 13, 2007

P – R – O – X – Y Mode

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P-R-O-X-Y Season has dawned.

 Extended work hours, decreased leisure weekends, lessened self spending moments. All of these are the perks of the proxy season. If it’s patience that you lack you can’t last my job.  Since March 1, 2007 until the early days of July, i will be deprived of my extra time and will be spending it at work. My experience on the US Research team was nothing compared to the proxy season of the Custom research.  I had a lot of things and realizations i wanted to post yet i am hindered by stress and fatigue.  I am with dimmed hopes to at least post one entry a week so as not to let my blog rot.  though i had lots of stuff to say and able to find a spare time i can’t write, my spirit is willing but my flesh is weaker. i’ll get back to blogging as soon as i find time to do so. For now, it’s my job that is my priority, besides, no work = no pay, no pay = no bread, no bread = pathetic. 😦

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