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August 4, 2009

Wag Makulit

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Sinabi ng wag makulit e.

This is the line i am telling my heart and mind now. Yes, you got that right. I am officially on the stage of infatuation.

Biruin mu yun hinde pa rin nauubos ang attraction sa katawan ko. After all the heart aches and heart pains that i’ve been through eto na naman ako. Enough is enough. Un lang kaya ko ba tong panindigan?

Grrr. Why does it have to be this way? When i am on the verge of accepting friendship at its truest sense there are these super perfect-timing circumstances that makes me feel excited and infatuated.  Pwede naman ako hinde matuwa or maapektuhan bakit ganito? hahaha.

Hirap talaga lumandi, madalas talo ka kapag umabot na sa puntong gusto mo na sya, e sya nakikipaglandian pa lang.

Higher standards on crushes and friends? Null effect on me. Still the same result. I am infatuated.

Ganito ba ang feeling kapag lagpas ka nang isang taon na single? marami crush? hahaha.

Well on the good side of it, if you are infatuated you have a happy disposition and inspired. Yun na lang iisipin ko, i’m infatuated for me to strive better and harder… to make my  crush fall for me. bwahahaha.

As you can see, wala ng pag -asa. Malandi talaga.

Para sau **** aka ******, kainis ka. Wag mu ako akitin. Hinde ko kaya labanan. hahaha. See you around. 😀


July 3, 2007

You will be missed Dark Knight

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People, Friends, Blogs come and go. One reality faced by earthlings. We meet some and lose some. The exit may have been abrupt but i believe the benefits outweighs the costs.

The dark powers of the dark knight will no longer be felt. He decided to delete his blog space and abstain from reading other blogs as well. I was saddened when i received his message last night. i was stunned. i felt guilty. Me and dark knight sent comments in our respective blogs. Our wave lengths seemed to be at par. we knew each other through the posts we had. I really feel guilty until now. I think i am the last blogger he met in person. I felt his Bebhe got mad at him for going out with me a day after their 8th monthsary. I didn’t know until i read his blog after the weekend. I felt ashamed. I totally understand if his bebhe got angered with our night out. i think i am a slut in the making. 😦 My apologies, if our meet up triggered your decision to give up blogging.

you will be missed dark knight, your detailed and fearless posts, your insightful comments, your presence and you yourself will be missed. NO one does it better than your way. you have your distinct way of touching other lives. the blogsphere would mourn your departure. But just like turismoboi, you will still have yourplace in my blog, you will still be on my list of daily reads. That hyperlink connection in my blog woudl remind me that once in my blog life i met you and made me happy in thousand folds. I’ll miss you DK, i will miss you friendship.

I know that you have pondered well enough on giving up your blog. Do whatever you think is right for you and your plans and dreams in life. If the blog served as a medium of misunderstanding or has made your life complicated, it was a good call to call it quits. Your courage and determination to make things better deserves a salutation. Just be happy Dk. In case all else fails, Me with your other blog friends would still be here for you and if you opt to come back soon, we would be glad to give you a welcome back hug. Keep in touch Dk.

Cheers to Dark Knight and his blog. I’m missing you already.

July 2, 2007

Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzical: Last Run

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As i said in my previous posts today, i will have several entries today to catch up with my fun day activities.

Before sharing my experience at the musical play in RCBC plaza yesterday, July 1, let me brush through fun day 13 as how i ended the month of june and welcomed july. 7pm, i was with my highschool barkada in Sm san lazaro, i hope we shopped but we didn’t, we just strolled exchaned stories and laughed. It was a fun day for me, simply being with your real friends could refresh and reenergize your spirits. We hanged out until season 2 of PBB declared bea as the Big Winner. It was raining in manila saturday night and i hope it didn’t spoiled the gay pride celebration in malate. I was supposed to follow my college friends there but decided to have fun at Palawan2 bar.
I drank again endless bottles of Colt Ice, got tipsy, never danced, bumped with too many guys (hot and not), exchanged smiles at passersby, flirted and shocked. I bumped into IVAN who was my ex a couple months ago. We chatted and offered me to ride me home. At home he asked if he could at least take a nap, and seeing no problem with that, i agreed. We fell asleep, rather i fell asleep. by pass 7am the following day, he was waing me up with a pissed face. he wants to go home. i said ok. We never talked and texted me after that circumstance. I think he assumes that allowing him to accompany me home would mean doing the activities we did before. It isn’t, and that i suppose explains his pissed looked. me, being sound asleep and not tried to DO IT with him. he could have made it clear when we were at the bar. anyway, it was fun day 13 still.

July 1: Still sleepy, i went back to sleep as IVAN went home. I got up by noon and watched QAF once again. By 245pm i was at RCBC plaza meeting with my officemates for the musical play. Outside the theatre, tons of PLUs are there, you can tell by the way they look at other people that they are hoping to meet a hottie. ganun din ako, un nga lang i was engrossed looking at the posters and souvenir program and other stuffs for sale. Lauren Novero played Dodong. He sings well and super yummy body and all. sarap. grabe. When he danced i can’t help but wish he had nothing on him as he performs. there were also two cute back up dancers/cast who caught my eye. Yum yum. But it would have been better if It was Janvier Daily who plays Dodong. He is my super crush. Pero ok na din si Lauren, kce dami negative reviews nung si Janvier yung Dodong e. Eula Valdez played the Zsazsa role gorgeously. The one who played Didi was very talented and made our hearts laugh out loud the whole show. The 700 ticket price was way worth than its value. To my enjoyment i bought a cd copy of the musical and would post and share it soon on my multiply account.

Besides the comic and wits of the musical, the value that the story presents will inspire PLUs to hope for the best and to give love a chance when it knocks. Hmm.. napaisip ako. yada yada yada… it knocked, but it has jsut knocked, i tried to welcome him home but he wouldn’t come in. yada yada yada.. whatever. This is still a fun day for me, a superb play and a good laugh outweighs the pathetic intervals i am having.

I blame this sudden emptiness to a text message i received from a friend centuries ago (exaggerating aside, last week lang), it hasn’t left my brain.

Hahaha, it took me 18 minutes to browse though my phone inbox and realized i have deleted it already. Anyway, the thought of the message says, Sometimes the perfect and the best isn’t always the one that makes us happy. true. so am i doomed to not so best situations and far from perfect relationships? i hope not. Anyway, i had fun yesterday, for now i have to leave, Dennis texted and asked if i would want to hitch with him on my way home… ciao

June 26, 2007

Fun Days 2-5 The Fun never stopped

Fun Day 1. June 18 Monday, 10pm onwards
See previous posts.

Fun Day 2. June 19, Tuesday, 9pm moving forward
History repeats itself but better this time except for the other viewer who was more persistent than me. Anyhow, I had fun for at least the first five hours and got pissed on the sixth. Distance and privacy was not an issue. As you know, details are history.

Fun Day 3. June 20. Wednesday, EDSA, R. Galeria, Caloocan, Since 2pm until midnight
I am on leave after months of tedious and frustrating days at work. I woke up a little late, watched QAF once again, my college friend phoned me and fetched me by 2 pm at my abode. The fun part is that the car we used is banned from the streets because of the coding implementation. We raced against vehicles along EDSA and successfully managed to reach Ortigas before any MMDA or Police have the chance to issue as a ticket for a traffic violation. Strolled and shopped for hours at Robinsons Galeria, drank coffee, puffed several sticks, boy watched while smoking, walking and chatting to friend. By 7pm we flew to Caloocan to celebrate our College Professor’s natal day. College guys are still hotties for me. I had fun as I bonded with my college barkada and fellow SALAKOT alumni.

Fun Day 4. June 21. Thursday, 3pm onwards
Back to office mode, I suddenly remembered that our team will go and see Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer @ gateway by 440 pm. Road trip to the mall was fun with my manager. The unlimited popcorn, sodas and nice lazy boy seats were not enough to outweigh Human torch’s yummy body.  After the movie, we drove back to Makati and proceeded to Mandarin Hotel’s Paseo Uno for the team dinner. I ate till I drop. That was fun, I noticed that I am still a fan of seafoods. Yum yum, but then again not quite as good compared to human torch. There were a few cute guys there but all I cared for that night was food. I was really full and smoked three sticks in a row just to feel normal again.

Fun Day 5 June 22. Friday, 9pm onwards
After the excitement and fun for the planning of our team weekend, we decided to unstress ourselves once again. Not to mention the fun I had, sending my shuttle guy crush messages to confirm the van rental and the shocking news of being able to drive and come with us finally. As a bird watcher that night, I grouped all my strength to finally get my bird’s details. I was lucky enough and it was a good move, we bonded, got to know each other better and sorts. Then history followed. A text message from the bird and my crush completed my week and gave me a good smile as I dozed off withouth packing my things yet.

Fun Day 6 June 23 House, Text, Dive Solana, Room Six, Double’s bed. 545am onwards
Fun day 6-8 deserves a whole page each. I’ll try to put in as much details as I can. I’ll categorize it to my crush course as I had a wonderful time with my shuttle guy crush for three straight days. This is really fun. Sex and fun are really different, I may have fun when I do the thing but I can have fun without doing IT. And it was the best and among the happiest times of my life. Things happen for a reason. I’ll found out why.

May 21, 2007

Love Always Finds A Way

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I’ve been to a dear friend’s wedding yesterday celebrated at Paco Park. The venue created a solemn aura and closeness among guests.  I wont talk about the details of the wedding but rather be optimistic again on love and relationships. I’ve met the bride during our high school days, we were part of a larger barkada but she’s my constant companion during breaks and chika minutes at the classroom. I’ve seen her fall in and out of love and how she devoted her love and admiration to some few guys back then. When she met her husband on the dating stage, i was able to meet the groom. As close friends I have witnessed how they loved, fought and matured as couples. Love was able to find its way and keep them holding on as they enter a higher form of togetherness and relationship as they got married.

 I’ve realized that, love will find its way if and only lovers would let love be. It’s like a destiny woudn’t be fulfilled if no effort towards that destiny has been made. In others point of view, destiny just happens. true and so is love, but is it enough that people live their lives and bum themselves just waiting for their destiny and love? If effort is too much for love and destiny, people should at least be willing enough to cooperate with the road signs to loving and finding one’s destiny. Things happen when we let things to happen. But sometimes, there are circumstances that hinder to the fulfilment of love.

 Holding on to what we perceive as the person for us is not wrong. If persons would just settle themselves to dump and be dumped, then no relationship will ever last. It is just like our ideals in life, we should fight for it, though there will come a time when ideals are just ideals, waiting is just waiting. This is the time when we should reconsider our ideals and to keep waiting for the person we love. Troubles and hardships are part of making a relationship build a solid foundation, if we would just see the negativity and just quit everytime we get hurt then we wont find a lasting long term relationship. Afterall, if in the end it’s not meant to be, at least you tried rather than just letting it go easily. Then the ghosts of could-have-been, should-have-been and would-have-been will haunt you forever. The irony above all this, love finds it way to win amidst the problems and obstructions to the love of our lives.

 There is also a song entitled just the same as mine and hearing it inspires me not to love again but still hope that someday, as i let love find it way for me, bring to me the person i desired to grow old with and spend the days of my life. But if he’s not the one, i will be glad that i learned from him and be happy for whatever decision he made. I’m clinging onto the cliche that love is sweeter the second time around, if there will be a second chance. Just like me, i know that he fights for his love for his lover right now. If he wont fight for our love, i pray he would fight for the beautiful friendship we had.

 Love, please find your way for me.  

February 8, 2007


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Right you are! It is our dear so called friends that we feel free to be who we are and do courageous things we don’t normally do. They are the “others” who are not related to us by blood but to whom we feel close, comfortable and secure. That is why, the worst enemy you’ll ever face is a friend. Deep and dark secrets are known and planning an onslaught will be easy because you know hot to get their guards down.

Having friends from all walks of life and genders helped me understand how ironical it is to think that even the not-so-common interests and perspectives find time to compromise and welcome each other and be friends. The click in friends would be something hard to explain but easy to feel. You can see in a group of friends that something binds them together and sense if the is just a mere group of people crowding together.

During a normal friend conversation everyone has something to tell and share. Stories branch out from every corner. I tried this experiment to shut my mouth and be an observer. It’s funny to note that while someone talks about his/her story, the other friends would half listen and say a few note of affirmation or negation. Then they say their piece of their story then it becomes a vicious cycle of exchange of stories and friends half listening. But it was a surprise that although friends sometimes do half listening they seem to have this innate powers to absorb details of the story of the other friend. Weird but true. And what’s weird is that whatever our friend does or who he really is we still accept them and keep the bond of friendship that was not planned to grow and nurture through the years.

Friends often tease and make fun of each other but no one is hurt. Everyone understands that the words said where just mere statements to lighten up the conversation and cheer up the good folks around. But it is also true that sometimes a line should be established to have a flagged sign whether fooling around is in the right timing or not. I’ve crossed the borders several times. and it pains me to see my friend get hurt just because of my insensitivity and tactlessness. Although all was just a joke, I failed to see in their perspective that it’s not funny and it hurts. Vivien Carla, I have trespassed the borders yesterday. Sorry. You wont hear any from me from now on. No more comments and side comments. To Bud.trip whom i owe my blogging powers, sorry if i appeared as someone who can’t take things seriously. I didn’t really mean to hurt your seriousness. If not for you my blog could have been ancient history. I regret that the possible friendship with you is now lost.

And to my other friends whom i have hurt in anyway, sorry. You may not consider me as a friend anymore, but I’m more than lucky to have spent some time with you. Peace out.

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