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August 4, 2009

Wag Makulit

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Sinabi ng wag makulit e.

This is the line i am telling my heart and mind now. Yes, you got that right. I am officially on the stage of infatuation.

Biruin mu yun hinde pa rin nauubos ang attraction sa katawan ko. After all the heart aches and heart pains that i’ve been through eto na naman ako. Enough is enough. Un lang kaya ko ba tong panindigan?

Grrr. Why does it have to be this way? When i am on the verge of accepting friendship at its truest sense there are these super perfect-timing circumstances that makes me feel excited and infatuated.  Pwede naman ako hinde matuwa or maapektuhan bakit ganito? hahaha.

Hirap talaga lumandi, madalas talo ka kapag umabot na sa puntong gusto mo na sya, e sya nakikipaglandian pa lang.

Higher standards on crushes and friends? Null effect on me. Still the same result. I am infatuated.

Ganito ba ang feeling kapag lagpas ka nang isang taon na single? marami crush? hahaha.

Well on the good side of it, if you are infatuated you have a happy disposition and inspired. Yun na lang iisipin ko, i’m infatuated for me to strive better and harder… to make my  crush fall for me. bwahahaha.

As you can see, wala ng pag -asa. Malandi talaga.

Para sau **** aka ******, kainis ka. Wag mu ako akitin. Hinde ko kaya labanan. hahaha. See you around. 😀


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