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August 11, 2009

Mr. Brightside

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This is not about the song of Killers. This is a post regarding looking on the brighter side of things.

I once received an email that the outcome of things looked on the brighter side produces greater results than being a pessimist.

There’s nothing wrong on being skeptic of the unforseeable future. We can always do contingency plans or back ups if the original fails.  Sometimes, it pays not to loose hope until the very end. After all, best results doesn’t come in handy. You need to put a lot of determination and hard work to succeed.

So what am i so positive about? I am positive that soon enough things will go on as planned for me. A happy and positive disposition has done me good for the first 24 yeras of my life. So i firmly believe that I would do well and achieve my goals soon.

OMG. Is this the middle life crisis I am having? hahahaha.

Just like Mariah and Whitney sang, there can be miracles when you believe, though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill.


August 4, 2009

Wag Makulit

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Sinabi ng wag makulit e.

This is the line i am telling my heart and mind now. Yes, you got that right. I am officially on the stage of infatuation.

Biruin mu yun hinde pa rin nauubos ang attraction sa katawan ko. After all the heart aches and heart pains that i’ve been through eto na naman ako. Enough is enough. Un lang kaya ko ba tong panindigan?

Grrr. Why does it have to be this way? When i am on the verge of accepting friendship at its truest sense there are these super perfect-timing circumstances that makes me feel excited and infatuated.  Pwede naman ako hinde matuwa or maapektuhan bakit ganito? hahaha.

Hirap talaga lumandi, madalas talo ka kapag umabot na sa puntong gusto mo na sya, e sya nakikipaglandian pa lang.

Higher standards on crushes and friends? Null effect on me. Still the same result. I am infatuated.

Ganito ba ang feeling kapag lagpas ka nang isang taon na single? marami crush? hahaha.

Well on the good side of it, if you are infatuated you have a happy disposition and inspired. Yun na lang iisipin ko, i’m infatuated for me to strive better and harder… to make my  crush fall for me. bwahahaha.

As you can see, wala ng pag -asa. Malandi talaga.

Para sau **** aka ******, kainis ka. Wag mu ako akitin. Hinde ko kaya labanan. hahaha. See you around. 😀

August 3, 2009

Will History Repeat Itself?

In the past weeks that passed after my dreaded busy season (packed with tons of benefits) i was coerced to commute on my way home. Hinde pa ako milyonaryo para mag taxi pauwi na hinde sponsored.

There is nothing wrong in commuting. In fact, i enjoy commuting. My only fear is that, here i go again, my only convenient way of getting in and out of makati is through service shuttles. Wala naman issue dun d b? The thing is, i get close to some of them more than i should be. I am not sure if there is a law or guideline to limit one’s interaction with one another. The scenario is like this, i end up being one of the last passengers or i am seated beside the owner of the van. Then it begins. The conversation starts, then laughters and a good time. Nothing wrong with that. But then here comes to exchanging numbers. Pwede naman hinde mag reply kapag may nag text but out of hiya, a conversation starts. And before you know it, close na kami.

E anu naman kung close na kami. Eto na ung point. Masasanay ako. If i missed a day not riding their van or a miss in reply then I would start to miss them. OA? True. Yan ang hinde ko maintindihan sa sarili ko. Adik. Yes, tulad ng Adik Sa’yo ng GMA. Un nga lang sa totoong buhay.

So will history repeat itself for me? I dunno for now. Pero ayaw ko sana. Dati naman kuntento na ako na makauwi ako bakit ngaun may parang kurot na gusto lage na sumabay? hahaha. malandi ba? wala ako magagawa.

Damn, i really have to get my own car. It will eliminate the possibility of interacting with them, the leser chance of falling in infatuation. Pero hinde ko rin ginagawa. Di rin ako bibili or if meron malamang e mag co-commute pa rin ako.

And i don’t think that history will repeat itself, before the thing that i had with the shuttle guy was only clear to both of us, now we have several friends and co-passengers who happen to know the bonding and friendship that is transpiring.

So ok, this is not like the last time. Will it end the same or in a much sweeter tone? ASA.

Daily dose of landi at kilig e siguro pwede na. kaya wag na palalain. here i go again. help!

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