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May 11, 2009

Manny Pacquiao and Our Taxes

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yeah, yeah, yeah. Manny Pacman Pacquiao won over Ricky Hatton. Most Filipinos have supported the pambansang kamao on his latest title fight. Even if the match lasted for barely 2 rounds, Filipinos rejoiced on Manny’s triumph. Congratulations…

And the Filipinos where back to the reality of their own problems.

Days passed.

President GMA decided to give Pacman a ceremonial thank you through a motorcade in major routes in the metro. It should have been last Friday, then moved to today (Monday) and i am not sure if it was rescheduled on Wednesday.

A plastic ribbon colored with Red, Blue and White were printed with the congratulations and bayaning Pilipino note for Pacman. It was tied up on the threes, lamp posts, street signs, fences, bridges and everywhere and anywhere men in blue can get their hands on. This ribbon as others claim, would be the route for Manny’s motorcade.

On my way to work yesterday, i was surprised that all the roads that i pass through have these ribbons waving with all smiles at me. At first i was amazed on how the men in blue were able to put these ribbons in places you can’t think of. But i suddenly realized that, the government (GMA) paid for these ribbons. Yes, the red,blue and white ribbons are the taxes withheld from my salary. Damn.

That plastic thingy hanging around with all smiles at me, are there because, we normal tax payers are giving the government funds to peruse for whatever action they may think of.

Okay, I may be a little bit over-acting here, but come to think of it. After the motorcade, where will these ribbons go? Trash? Partly correct, it will just add up to pollution for sure.

Correct, nice thinking, the money we worked hard for, became ribbons then became rubbish.

Ang saya ‘di ba? Because we wanted to congratulate Manny for winning another title belt, we had our salaries withheld and  face to face see our money become waste.

Most Filipinos shelled out money just to watch Pacman fight for barely 2 rounds. It’s not worth it right? Then comes the govt that used our taxes paid for his wlecome celebration. The Govt could have hanged 1 kilo of rice or something else that may be beneficial for the majority. Not to mention, the possible super mega traffic this motorcade may bring about.

I am not a fan or Pacman nor someone who dislikes Manny, I am just a concerned citizen that was alarmed of the ribbons used and traffic i might encounter because of Pacman’s victory. If this would happen everytime Manny wins, then I hope for Pacman’s loss next time.

And BTW, after 2 rounds of the boxing, who became rich? pacman.

us? broken due to the live watching and double broken because taxes were used for the celebration, and super loser because, we normal citizens will bear the traffic Pamcan’s motorcade will cause.

Isn’t enough that almost everyone watched him fight? Do we really need to waste money to show we appreciate his winnings?

If you find this post rude, go ahead, vote Manny as Congressman of Saranggani.


May 6, 2009

Bring Me to Life

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This is a shout out to myself to revive my blogging prowess.

It was almost half a year that i visited this one.

Any kind of help to revive my blog is well appreciated.

Proxy season (work) will soon be over and i hope to blog again.

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