khentutz… R-E-A-D-I-N-G

November 4, 2008


Filed under: Behind the Mask Encounters,Rumbles and Grunts — khentutz @ 9:12 am

My blog was dormant for quite some time but thanks to a search engine, I always get a hit/view more than as expected. And today, I want to thank that engine as a person in my same office finally found and read my blog. There’s is nothing to worry about any posts or whatever but i was amazed how internet is really an information highway, or speed zone if i may say.

There he was, early this morning I got a ym from my teammate, asking if I write stuff online. I said yes and due to my stupidity of choosing the same name of our xmas party theme in my post, he was able to read through. This incidence is just a proof that it’s a very small world after all.

I’m not worried or concerned of whatever was published online but I am a little embarrased for some details disclosed here, if he was very close to me, then it wouldn’t be a problem, and maybe, just maybe, he could use what was written as a way to annoy me. (Takot e no)

O well, read on my dear officemate, saying your name would be too much exposure for you. Be thankful, i had a post for you, if you will read all my posts, only the deserving of my love and interest gets their name or initials published. Hahaha. As if you care. Anyhow, see you around our office. 😛


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