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July 29, 2008

Old School

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Long before technology invented online diaries, journal and blogs, sentimental persons keep their record of important events hand written or type written then compiled as a single book/let. It is the same as a blog except that, only those persons whom you show it would have access to it. This old school blog would also be a laugh trip when someone you knew accidentally find it and read it. Well maybe that’s from my perspective.

I used to write diaries before. My first diary was conventional but i didn’t start my entries with Dear Diary, i just wrote the date, the specific moment or outburst of emotions and everything else that i can’t blurt out to anyone. It ranged from great happpenings in school, frustrations, to chit chats with friends, to tampo moments for getting reprimanded, to crushes, to fantasies to escapades and all. What made it special is that, after getting tired of my diary i misplaced it. And kaboom. My evil elder brother keeps on teasing me, i had no idea at first but when it sank in, i knew he read it from my previous diary. And the joke was on me. To add it up, during one of the overnight stays with my high school friends, they found it and read it all at once and memorized all the controversial notes and teased me. Laugh trip it is as i look back on it.

My next accounts of privacy were kept with utmost care. It was not just a diary, it was a stalker’s diary. Yes, i was a stalker before. This particular written document included detailed list about my crushes. OO, marami ako talaga crush nung bata ako. It recorded seemingly moments with my crush. Seemingly because, it may be true or not, what was written was just in my perspective. Just to give you an example, when my crush# 1 happened to look to my direction, i assumed that he noticed me and tried to have an eye contact. True or False? i still don’t know, but the only thing clear is that, i have recorded the times i saw my crush, had nil to little interaction and the hopes of having them as lover or partner. Well that was before.

Another version of my accord is the fling book. Those whom i loved sincerely had their own journals (to date, i only have 3 AT, DM and HUBBY ) The short termed “Syotas” were recorded, puppy love, infatuated relationships, quasi relationships and MUs. What amuses me until know is that i put their name on the list when i have strong emotions for them, and when i look back today, i find myself laughing my hearts out as my description of them was really hilarious. I recall one, “I love AM because he fetches me everyday to school. He brought the best in me because he reviews me before every exam.”

Leading me to the rationale of this post. I was not able to blog again, because my HUBBY made me felt that he deserves his own journal, the old school way. A recorded memory of the times we shared and will stillshare in the future. I lost track of my blog as i wrote everything the old school way.  I decided not to blog more about HUBBY as i would like to keep our relationship private. I felt that whatever intimacy we have, it’s ours and i can’t just share it without his consent. OO, mahirap at effort talaga pero para sa hubby ko e gagawin ko! Un oh. Super cheesy. 😛  Unlike DM, i poured my emotions blogging what we had, although hinde rin lahat, baka kce ma Rated-R ako bigla e. Well lalo pa ngaun with my HUBBY. So if you are wondering where i am this past few days, this is the culprit, my diary for my hubby.  One copy is mine and one copy for him. I love the prints on the notebook. 🙂


Arriba Letran for tomorrow’s game against Beda. Me and my HUBBY will be there 😛



  1. i never considered having a diary. i mean the old way diary. hirap kaya magsulat kamay. hehehe

    Comment by theTripper — July 29, 2008 @ 9:46 am | Reply

  2. @trey un nga e kaya nga ung love of my life lang ginagawan ko. ung sa mga crushes ko e scribbles lang. though effort din tlga

    Comment by khentutz — July 29, 2008 @ 9:49 am | Reply

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