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June 16, 2008

Hoping to Come Back

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The title says it all. I missed blogging. Looking back at my last posts before i disappeared, many relevant stories were not included. And as i try to make my come back, here are questions i would want to find answers soon.

Are Spa’s really a place to hook up and not a place to relax?

Due to stress and my curiosity, i tried several Spas and Bath houses, both straight and specialized ones, to try out what happens there and to divert from my usual lazy option to have home service massage. Out of all the massage therapists who gave me a massage, only two are worth commendable for the massage (The pressure and strokes are good enough and is very relaxing). The other therapists can give you a so-so massage and an offer to a fast-way ticket to heaven not to mention the price to pay for using the passing lane to temporary happpiness. As for the trip to heaven, i suggest you to use your on discretion and proceed at your own risk. When i  tried the spas, i thought the extra thing wouldn’t be offered. Well, it’s a half truth, in straight spas, extra service is not offered but is prevalent inside the wet area, especially on the farthest shower corners, side corners of the sauna room, and somewhere beneath jaccuzi. It starts with a glance, the the 2nd look, the smile, the nod and then either you talk, touch or turned down. So the extra service does not happen in the spa/massage room but in the wet area where everyone is naked. However, on gay scene bath house/spas, the moment you get in, tons of cuties are lookign at you and a manager welcomes you and would ask your preference of massage and your choice of therapist. I once got victimized by my ignorance, that i chose a body scrub with Turkish Bath, (not knowing what it is) and subconsciously the unthinkable (save your comments, i don’t want to hear it) happened 😛 What i am saying is that on the gay scene, massage is not the real service offered but rather used as a cocealment of hooking up. Do we really need to have sex to feel relaxed? I go to massage spas to have my stressed muscles a breather and relaxed. I all i need is hook up to feel relaxed, i should have not gone to the spa nor asked someone i don’t know to come over the house and avail of massage and extra services in one blow. The internet is a cheaper means of hooking up. Maybe because this is the trend, to be discreet and be model like to everyone, so when the time comes when others ask what you did, you could the massage as an escape goat for hooking up. Hmm. What do you think? are Spa’s really a place to hook up? i beagn to think SPA = Sexual Pleasure Area.

That’s it for now, see you around. I’m off home.


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