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March 13, 2008

Season’s Greetings

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Over the past few weeks, my work load increased and increased. This has been a normal trend since we our akin to proxy season. Just like in my previous proxy seasons, i am always caught off guard. The small spike of meetings came in finally last monday that will run until the late weeks of June 2008. I wasn’t able to post something that would inform my blog friends that i am about to be extremely busy once again. No summer time, very few good night’s sleep and almost no weekends. On the brighter side, it is the time once again to file OVERTIME pay!!! Yipee! Though i’m not that exhilirated about the season, because greater work pay means more taxes and no pay for the intangible sacrifice of time just to deliver my daily responsibilities.  In that sense, i am greeting all of you my season’s greeting. I will be busy and will have a little time to rest and blog. I’ll do what i can just to blog and visit your blogs. Till next time po. 🙂

And as for DM, the road isn’t that smooth right now but as Mariah Carrey sings, that though hope is frail it’s hard to kill. Believe that everything will fall into place. For now, work, work work, money, money, money 


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