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February 26, 2008


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Anyone who knows a two-bedroom apartment that has a parking space anywhere in Makati or Manila Area? Help.


February 22, 2008

Long Weekend

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This 2008, this might be my first and last long weekend save if Pres. Arroyo is stillour president by December then I’ll be able to enjoy the Dec.25-Jan.1 vacation too. The volume of workload has not yet reached its peak yet but gradually i can feel the pressure and stress of the proxy season that will last for four months.

 In as much as i wanted to enjoy this long weekend, i can’t. My bread is not enough, hehe. Thanks to the bonus payout being delayed for a week and spoiled my plan to go out somewhere and take a break. Oh well. I have to enjoy this long weekend no matter what. Too bad, i can’t be with DM as he is in Cagayan Valley until next week 😦 I can’t go out with friends because i can’t afford to break my piggy bank at this time. 😦

I guess, this long weekend will literally be a long weekend. Long enough for me to just play PSP, watch DVD, read some books, catch some sleep, and miss DM. I just hope there will be another long weekend not  too far so i can enjoy a good rest and vacation hopefully with DM. Well if you just wanna join my bum weekend do send me a text message you might be lucky enough for me to be eager to reply. Hehehe.

 I miss DM. DM i miss you. I just remembered something special about DM that makes me smile. I guess this will help me get through my long weekend.

February 19, 2008

Those were the Days

Looking back on my past and blogging year i had a bunch of emotions and questions on my posts. Admittedly, it was almost about DM and few other persons who have been dear and somewhat special to me. My blogging days stopped the moment a period has been written on my DM blogs. Actually, it is not a period, it was more of an ellipsis(…) the two other periods was just far away from the first one. And from the truest definition of an ellipsis, it denotes that there is more to come. True enough, the story of our friendship went on. New discoveries and insights about each other came out almost everyday. Affirmation and approval came out in a most unexpected circumstance, and from that i was more eager to do whatever it takes to preserve and prolong the bond we shared.

 Our arguments, episodes of drama, and away-bati moments reached its peak. Confrontation and compromised happened. Then we are in good terms again. Soon after the good days, comes our episode again. New topic, new disagreement. With my hopes still alive, we are still doing our best to keep in touch and patch things up. The kilig moments still come but not as frequent as before. Ahhh, those were the days. But being in a social relationship, i am never assured that things will change as planned and as i hoped for. I learned from our past grammy-award winning episodes and i’m religiously doing my best not to do the same old mistakes that almost resulted to a loss of friendship, relationship and companionship.

Those maybe the days of havig too much fun and all, but things and persons change and i should be able to adapt to it and hold on to what i love. You may not be as vocal and expressive on your feelings but your actions and lifestyle lets me know of how much you value the things we share and you too, are willing to adapt to our changing worlds. Thank you for sticking with me and for the things you are doing despite of my knowledge and for subconsciously letting me know that i am very special to you. The period sometime ago opened a new and deeper relationship with you instead of putting our story to an end.

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