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November 27, 2007

First Day High Rockville Style

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It’s my first day in our US office. I got the chance to finally meet my counterparts and found some interesting guys there. Haha, as i watched the news, 80 percent of young adults near washington has HIV and 1 out of ten of these adults are AIDS positive. Scary

 well inde naman yun ung ipinupunta ko dito, hinde pala lahat ng nakatira dito sa estados unidos e maganda buhay. 1 dollar nga e naka credit card pa. ung iba nagbabawas ng items sa harap ng cashier. hay. dmi p ako kwento pero next tym muna, antok na ako e. 12 am na dito pasok pa ako ulit bukas. try ko mag magpost.


November 23, 2007

Incheon International Airport, Seoul Korea

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After days hard toil and depression, i finally got the chance to fly to our US office. My flight was 1230 am this morning boarding in Korean Air. I was an alien among the crowd, i was surrounded by Koreans. It is my first time to travel alone and it feels lonely somehow. Although i had a sweet episode with DM before flying, i felt lost and scared to travel to US alone. There was nothing spectacular about riding an airplane. All i got was a a ear ache. haha. what the term.

 I am now in Seoul Korea at the Incheon International Airport for a 4-hour stop over. Too bad i was not allowed to get out of the airport. So here i am, after buffing several sticks of west Ice, i still have 3 hours to wait before my connecting flight to Washington. This airport is superb however, prices of goods are way off for a traveler who budgets his little money. Now, i  spent three US dollars just to let time pass me by. While smoking some sticks, i met three filipinas, all bumming the same smoke. It was quite an experience that Filipinos whenever meets filipinos in a foreign land, they bond talk about filipino stuffs, beliefs and practices.

That’s it for now, i’ll upload a picture of the airport soon. i can’t use my card reader here.  And as a proof i am in korea,

ㅑ ㅣㅐㅍㄷ ㅇ두ㅜㅑㄴ ㅡㄷ야ㅜㅁ ㅡ두앸ㅁ. Bahala na kau magtranslate nyan.

November 20, 2007

Against All Odds

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The travel opportunity to work in our US office stressed and harassed me for the past weeks. Pressures from the day’s workload, magnified by the toil of completing the needed documents and stuff for the trip, and the complexity of life made an episode of itself.

 My expedite request for passport was turned down and was left with the regular overtime processing of 7 working days, the availability of visa interview was pretty jammed and the confirmed flight was cancelled on the last minute. talk about misfortunes, i felt very unlucky the past few days. My trip will push through however, my departure depends on the consul of the US embassy if he or she will allow me to wait for my visa tomorrow on the same day of my visa interview. My worst case scenario would be, i wont make it to my supposed to be Nov. 23 645am Northwest Airlines flight, rather take the 1200am Korean Air flight and get to our hotel one day delayed. On the brightside, at least i was still able to make to make it in time for my training and the all-expense paid trip by our company. It was a scene of against all odds, starting with the Pregnant Staff on the director’s office of DFA, who looked only on the date of our flight and have not cared to listen to our plea of a request for an expedite processing of passport. I kidding swore that her offspring would be a bad kid and would give her headaches for not giving us a shot to explain how bad we need our passports to be processed. On that same day, we followed the nomral process hopefully thinking that we will make it to the trip. With only a matter of days after the scheduled interview of my teammates, i finally got hold of a slot to be interviewed, but damn. Nov. 22 is a US holiday and their offices will be closed. My flight is the morning of 23 and the US embassy will be closed on the 22nd so there’s a little chance of me obtaining a visa in a one day process.

 I almost lost hope but i stood firm and held on to the dimming hope i had. So here it goes, i’ll rest now hoping that my interview with the consul tomorrow will be ok and i’ll be able to leave on the 23rd. Pray for me. hehe.

November 6, 2007

Fuzz About Thanksgiving

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The last Thursday of November and the Second Tuesday of October is the thanksgiving celebration in the northern US and Canada, respectively. You might be wondering of my sudden fuzz about the eastern celebration while i am living in the slums of our beloved country. It is because i was given the opportunity by my company to work for three weeks in rockville, maryland. Four hours away from New York. There are great stories and reviews of the great thanksgiving sale and the unbelievable blackfriday sale. Hundreds of people line up and await the opening of the stores as early as 3 AM. They say that the prices of almost all goods are half priced. Yeah, you got it right, i had a sudden fuzz about thanksgiving because i’ll be there the day after the thanksgiving, great time for shopping.

I began to think, what would be the best buys in the US during these long weekend and discount promotions? Any ideas?

November 5, 2007

Missing the Old Days

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I first started blogging when i felt bad about the relationship and circumstances that i face in life. My first few entries were not published online but were written or typed in my first Desktop PC. The more words i put into my blog the more i was able to express my self, my feelings, i had the freedom to question things, words left unsaid and unspoken were brougth to life and made its mark on the history of my life.  Then when i really got hurt and i was not around my room where i write my feelings, i finally gave the online world a chance. Some of my few realizations where copied and pasted here but has been edited to make names anonymous. And then my blogosphere found it’s own life, before i only had 1 hit in a week, no words googled could make a link to my blog and so on, but after continuous posting ang making blogging my escape goat to reality, i found blogosphere friends, and now one by one, losing their touch to blog, letting go of time and living their lives. I fully understand and respect their choice of going private and not blogging anymore, i just missed them. You know who you are.

November 2, 2007

Happy Birthday

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Greetings Portion!

Happy Birthday to the two very special persons in my life right now aside from my closest peers and family. Happy birthday to the both of you, may you achieve all your goals, be healthy, live longer and be happy. You know who you are. Happy birthday.

November 1, 2007

All Saints Day

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This is to advance my tribute of prayers and gratefulness for those souls that made my life sweeter in this crazy world. My sincere thoughts of the great and simple memories spent with the departed souls of my loved ones who lives in the happiness and peacefulness of their next life. I may have not visited you today or tomorrow but i will soon. I offer my silence and and short post to cherish your presence.

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