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October 29, 2007

Trying to be Wealthy (Monetary Terms)

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After voting for the village council elections in a public school, i went straight to our office with the hopes of earning more with my new salary rate and the upcoming trip to our international office. SO here i am, after doing my designated tasks for the day, i blog. Talagang ganun, dapat may entry. Haha. Just kidding.

Everyone once dreamed of earning more , and not everyone are given the chance to do so. DOes wanting to have more means being greedy and not being content? It has been innate with men to aspire for the better, men will never run out of their wants in their lives. I am happy with what i have now, what i have now empowers me to achieve those goals i haven’t reached yet. I feel blessed with the things, persons and values i have now. But in order for me to reach my full potential and live my mission i should continue to struggle to find where my heart and mind belongs.

Ay ewan, walang sense ata post ko, ang alam ko lang e, nandito ako sa office ngaun, nag-oovertime, at iniisip pa ang overtime ulit sa nov1 and 2. Kung kayo ba, mas pipiliin nyo ba magbakasyon at magpahinga sa bahay o pumasok sa opisina at kumita ng pera?


October 26, 2007

FoodStop 2: Amici de Don Bosco

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After reading tons of great blog reviews of this restaurant, i have my verdict of my own. The food was ok, as in so-so ok, but there was nothing spectacular. This food stop is among the series of food trips with my colleagues and friends here in the office. Next stop would be Mongolian food. The pasta i ordered was bland tasting, the four cheese pizza passed our taste buds and the only food that gave us smiles were the gelatos (ice cream). yum yum. However, we got a bit sad because we ordered the same food amongst the 12 of us. The food diversity goal of our food tripping was not achieved. Sigh ūüė¶

The history of this restaurant goes back to the bosconian priests cooking the food they serve, but now it has been turnover to non-secular persons (civilians) who i think was not trained properly because the taste of the food was not that great compared to former reviews of the food there. The location is not that far from makati CBD, parking is one to a million chances, and i wouldn’t be back there.

I’m looking forward to the next stop of ours, mongolian food, make your own bowl and is unlimited. For more pictures see my multiply site:) that’s it for now.

October 25, 2007

End Justifies the Means?

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Achieving a goal or result is best in itself, but sometimes the end does not justify the means. A good means ending with the best result is a wonder, while A good and not-so-good means with a best result makes me think, does the big picture always take for granted the trivial details? We may have possessed the needed output but as we go along the sojourn to success, some means hurt so much that could lead to self doubt and self pity.

The bottomline or finish line always matters not the step/s itself. Analyzing the means sometimes lead to painful truths and discoveries, well, human learns best when they fail. Maybe that’s why some means take awhile before reaching the end.

I guess people should learn to be content that the means was met. Period. Wanting more sometimes makes us forget to value and be grateful for whatever we have at the moment.

October 24, 2007

Getting Better

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When it rains it pours. In all aspects of my life got better today, though i didn’t achieve it all in one day, the news itself is good. I’m happy now. I love DM . Eto lang muna post ko.

October 23, 2007

Special Friend

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I’ve been curious how does a friend become a special friend? Does it have perks over a normal friend, close friend, tropa, barkada? Is a special friend someone whom we have fallen in love and became attached but does not have the courage to admit the love? What do they exactly mean when they say that someone is a special friend? Do a special friend differ from a special someone? Whoa, i am confused.

¬†Are there any criteria to gauge one’s friend is he or she is a special friend already? Or special friend is another tag of those who would want to live their lives on a safe side and using this grey term for whatever purpose.

 I remember the time when i myself used the term special friend. I rarely tag someone as a special friend, and this tag is a facade of a better relationship with that person. I used it to address someone i enjoy being with, someone i go out more than any of my friends, someone whom i felt an attachment, security and comfort in his presence, someone whom i have fallen in loved with but would be better known as a special friend as it would complicate things. In short, a special friend is someone i love but for the betterment of the world and absence of issues, i will call him a special friend.

What do you think?

October 19, 2007

Glorietta Bombing Incident

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After a stomach-filling lunch with my closest peer in the office, my corporate mail received several links regarding the bombing incident that happened at the time i was enjoying my smoke after a good lunch. I read the updates and followed news about the incident. I was then bombarded by text messages and calls by people who cared and made me feel i was loved and important to them. But what made me smile inspite the bombing incident was the first person who asked on my whereabouts and to keep safe. It was DM. However, he is in topak mode. OK na un, at least naalala nya ako when something bad happened around me. too bad, he feels sick right now.

I can’t believe even if i saw a lot of photos, that the mall i used to hang out and have been a witness to my precious times with a lot of special people was bombed. Most people say that even with a heightened security, times get rough and worst just like this incident happens. Four have died, two are critical and more than 40 persons injured. Is this another episode of terrorism, security and political turmoil because of the upcoming village council elections, or is it martial law again?

I guess, i’ll refrain from going to malls for the mean time. I have to talk to DM muna.

October 18, 2007

Message Delayed: Globe Telecom

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Last tuesday, i received every single text message more than once, repeatedly until the day was over. Yesterday, i almost forgot i had a mobile phone since messages had their lag time of more than a hour. I tried sending messages to other networks and my mobile phone was back to life, however, whenever i send a message of the same network (Globe) i get no reply and missed several important messages because of the delay. To further test the network problem, i tried the value added services offered by globe telecom and it was functioning well enough, the computerized or automated reply assures you that you have availed a service and will be charged for doing so. It made me furious, the network was fine if you would avail added services but does not work properly if you will use the basic feature of text messaging, well you may be able to send messages but you don’t get the needed reply easily. Darn it. By 12 midnight i received all the messages that should have been read earlier yesterday. Grrr. I missed messages from DM saying he is downstairs and is already waiting in our doorsteps, good thing he called and we went out for dinner again for the Nth time.

This morning, it doesn’t work well but thanks the network was fully restored sometime after lunch. I hate it when companies brag about their service and new products and suck big time at times you really need their service. making it possible and Sa Globe Possible is something not worth using as a tag line for their brand. It is understandable that sometimes, a network glitch could happen but a glitch for more than 24 hours is something different.

In the era of technological developments, communication is important and if they cannot live to their promise to the consumers better not brag about new offerings and promos if they cannot sustain it. I have been a globe user since my highschool days and got pissed off bigtime yesterday with their service. I just hope they will do something to prevent the similar incident from happening in the future. Grr to Globe.

October 17, 2007

Of Loving and Loving More

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It was a normal workday today until me and my cubemate Karla had a discussion with the progress of our struggle to be happy. Yada yada yada. We conversed on how it is to be in a quasi relationship. And from that i learned and adopted a new philosophy in life. Nakakapagod magmahal at umasa, subalit dapat tandaan na ang pagod ay naipapahinga. Whoa. Karla’s friend was right, we may at some point in time get annoyed of the mediocrity and loving too much, but with just a few breaks or lie-low situations we gain the momentum back and continue to love more. It is not that i am pagod or became mediocre for loving DM but i felt that if in the future i am to encounter it, i know better that all i need is pahinga.

DM and I almost sees and hangs out everyday, more pertinent and serious plans are being tackled, we were able to establish our comfort zone together and grew to be better individuals. The lines of communication are more open than ever and circumstances just unfolds itself for lessons to be learned, compromises to make and the willingness to keep and continue what we started. However, the green-eyed monster in me spoils the fun. At first both of us becomes uneasy of the situation but what i love more about him, he has the capacity to make me feel that we can talk about things, explain the real happening and assure me that there’s nothing to be jealous of. Just like from our other mini-fights, we both learn the harder way, but it becomes a blessing in disguise that proves how much we value each other and our eagerness to continue and hold on together.

Do you think someone deserves your best when he can handle your worsts? I do. Life is fun and cruel, it is about learning and growing up. I am so grateful i found DM.

October 11, 2007

Gaydar: It takes one to know one

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One, two, three… and it never stopped. The PLUs in our office seemed to grow in numbers as time goes by. There’s nothing wrong with it, but just today, i wondered why the hell are those PLU guys (discreet but their actions in offsite tells otherwise) in our office add me in either, ym, multiply, friendster and all other sorts to be their friend / contact / colleague and whatever. There’s nothing wrong with it but i was really amazed on how they managed to find my account even if they are not related to any of my closest peers here. The pattern was, there will be gossips about them (PLUs) that they are not straight and I as one of the proud and out PLU becoomes the arbitrator of being straight and not. After several days of the enquiry of being straight, i am always surprised by new contacts wanting to be affiliated with me even if it is just through the online world. After few more days and when we have established a communication comes the truth that they are not straight. No big deal for me nor for my officemates. The point is, it takes one to know one. And PLUs know who to connect with first to establish rapport and gain confidence and respect in our workplace. But i am not saying, people from my office don’t respect PLUs, they have high regards to PLUs however most of them are just curious about some guys whose actions make the people around him doubt his masculinity and all they wanted to know if he is indeed gay for them to adjust on how to deal with the person.

However, i don’t think that once you thought someone is gay, that makes him gay. There are few exceptions to rule of gaydar, some men are really born to act malamya or is very picky to girls and they are the few who sounds alarm whenever a gaydar is set on them. There are also super vain guys who are just fond of making themselves clean, attractive and maarte. Note however, these are also the guys who are prone to be curious and undergo the sexual identity phase and could possibly be PLUs soon. And sometimes the gaydar is being tricked by super discreet and closet PLUs that no one would even think they are not straight.

It then comes to mind, what makes a man gay? Anyone?

Southdude, ayan ha walang pag ibig itong post na ito. I’ll abstain from posting DM stuff muna (sana kayanin ko)

October 10, 2007


“Iba na lang tawag mo sa akin wag yung bie, ayaw ko yun e” “yun kce tawagan nila xxx at *** e, iba na lang” This phrases will put to retirement the terms of endearment “bie” in my vocabulary.¬† He may¬† not be that vocal but his actions tells me something special between us is being shared, or maybe something more special. Face your fear. I did, and once again no guts no glory¬†proved that taking chances can bring more than what you expect. “Sinasabi ko naman kapag ayaw ko d ba?” another phrase that reaffirmed what has transpired before happened because he also wanted it to happen.¬†What we experience lately is something he deliberately wants to happen. Hmm.

 We are spending more time together, more days together, doings things together and weaving fabric of dreams together.  Can i say, this is it! or continue to question this is it? Anyway, it will boil down to having a label of being in a relationship. Being labeled as such may have its benefits however is it really important to be labeled as couples when within yourselves you have a silent pact of staying together?

¬†Well, back to BIE, this little talk of ours led to affirmations of what we are sharing. He asked his part of questions and i asked mine. We felt a little awkward of the sudden bombardment of intense questions but we kept our composure and answered each other’s query with honesty. Things got clear and we both felt that there are some things should be understood as you see and feel and shouldn’t be analyzed further.

¬†I have loved a lot of times, got hurt a lot of times but DM makes me love and fall in love each day as if it was the first day we met and bonded. I am happy, contented and grins with a cheerful heart. Off to my pen for now, i’ll be seeing him in a little while.

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