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March 13, 2007

P – R – O – X – Y Mode

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P-R-O-X-Y Season has dawned.

 Extended work hours, decreased leisure weekends, lessened self spending moments. All of these are the perks of the proxy season. If it’s patience that you lack you can’t last my job.  Since March 1, 2007 until the early days of July, i will be deprived of my extra time and will be spending it at work. My experience on the US Research team was nothing compared to the proxy season of the Custom research.  I had a lot of things and realizations i wanted to post yet i am hindered by stress and fatigue.  I am with dimmed hopes to at least post one entry a week so as not to let my blog rot.  though i had lots of stuff to say and able to find a spare time i can’t write, my spirit is willing but my flesh is weaker. i’ll get back to blogging as soon as i find time to do so. For now, it’s my job that is my priority, besides, no work = no pay, no pay = no bread, no bread = pathetic. 😦


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