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November 8, 2006

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

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I’m lost. After another break up with a special person recently I don’t know where I am headed to. Why is it in the nature of human beings to attract people and make them fall in love with you and after sometime you decide to leave them and break their heart? If people knew that they can’t still be in a relationship, why do they insist to be in more-than-friends state with someone, be intimate and then back out when they feel things become serious?

I began to wonder, is love really a game?

Should we outwit, outplay, and outlast our partners in love? Should there be always a winner and loser in a relationship? Can’t there be a Pareto Optimum where as both parties are both gainers and better off? It really makes me cynical about love; that one has to emerge victorious after a break up, the other one left was the pathetic loser who seems to be lost in a paradigm far greater than a parallel universe. Is it important to strategize in a relationship to prevent oneself from being wounded and left out? Does loving someone needs luck to hit the jackpot or even be tried several times until you master the game and be the champion?

Detours of broken heart street lead me to a dead end. I can’t move on. I was drifting in a lonely place. As the text messages say, dead end signs are decent enough to say that you are going nowhere. You may argue that the break up is the dead end sign. For me it’s not, I believe that in respect to the decency you had when you both agreed to be in a relationship should be the same when breaking up. Closures are needed to clarify left out issues and to vividly present and make known what went wrong that made the partners get out of love and the relationship. Mere general statements will not be of help to the broken heart. Even a rocket scientist will not be able to decode what those sweeping statements mean. Say, “I Don’t love you anymore” is it enough to let you know the real core of the break up? No. That’s why I firmly believe that no matter how immature or afraid of the breaking up partner, a closure should still happen.

Having no closure would create havoc, confusion, paranoia, insecurity and a state of being pathetic. Don’t you think that the left partner should know all the reasons why the relationship didn’t work out? Closure will help the left one the stepping stone of moving on, a learning experience and an insight of what went wrong.

Could someone kind enough let me know, how does it seem so easy for the other partner to move on and don’t feel the same hurt you had? Were they never really in loved with you or for them it’s just a game, that when you get tired, it’s game over.

Now that I’m lost, where do broken hearts go? Someone please show me the way.


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